Who are we?

CCFunds™ SICAV was launched in September 2011, and today has an aggregate Assets Under Management of over €100m spread over 7 distinct sub-funds.

The Sub-Funds within CCFunds™ SICAV are UCITS funds. CCFunds™ are managed by a dedicated team of investment professionals at Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management, which is licensed by the MFSA, who actively manage the funds on a daily basis.

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Proven Track Record

We have been in asset management and actively pushing the boundaries of the financial services industry forward since 1972.

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Detailed Research

We do thorough, first hand research to ensure we fully understand every instrument and country we are investing in.

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Simplistic Approach

We like to keep things simple. We do not over trade, we intensive research, we pick good instruments and we hold them.

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Maximise Return

Through our thorough processes, we persevere to run our funds as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Board of Directors


Charles J Farrugia

Mr. Charles J. Farrugia was appointed non executive director of CCFunds SICAV in 2011. Prior to his appointment, Mr Farrugia worked in the banking sector for 35 years and sat on a number of boards and committees within the HSBC Malta Group. Before retirement, in December 2009, he held the post of Head Global Banking & Markets and was a senior executive director of HSBC Malta p.l.c. for a number of years. Mr Farrugia holds the position of non-executive director with several other Maltese companies.


Alex Cuschieri

Alex Cuschieri is a founder of Calamatta Cuschieri and heads the Investments board. Apart from his Directorship responsibilities, Mr Cuschieri focuses his energy in providing his personalised and experienced investment advice to clients and is one of the Malta’s most experienced Investment Managers. Mr Cuschieri served on the Board of Directors of Mid-Med Bank plc from 1996 to 1999, and was nominated by the government and elected by shareholders in alternate years.


Alan Cuschieri

Alan Cuschieri is the Co-CEO of Calamatta Cuschieri Group. Mr Cuschieri graduated from the University of Bournemouth, UK and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Financial Services. He also holds an International Capital Markets Certification from the London Securities Institute. Mr. Cuschieri took a leading role in the founding of CC Funds and has also been one of the key persons who helped to grow the CC Group from a family business with 25 employees to a Malta's largest independent financial services firms which today employs over 160.


Nick Calamatta

Nick Calamatta is a Co-CEO of Calamatta Cuschieri and is part of the company’s management team where he focuses on group strategy. He is responsible for coordinating the firm’s Investment Services and sits on the main Investment Committee of the group. Mr. Calamatta joined Calamatta Cuschieri in 2005. During his first 9 years with the company, he provided personalised investment advice and wealth management services to a large number of clients. He was appointed director at Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services in 2007.