2 June 2020

CC SICAV announces a number of enhancements to its fund offering

CC Funds SICAV plc is proud to announce a series of enhancements to a number of sub-funds under its umbrella. As part of this exercise it was decided to change the pricing frequency of both the CC Euro High Income Bond Fund and the CC Global High Income Bond Fund to daily from weekly. Moreover, the SICAV has added two new Euro share classes – Class B (Accumulation) Investor Shares and Class C (Distribution) Investor Shares, within the CC Global High Income Bond Fund to permit a wider range of investors to benefit from the excellent performance registered by the Fund over the past few years.

The objective of the CC Global High Income Bond Fund is to maximize the total level of return for investors through an investment in a diversified portfolio of bonds issued globally. The fund is now available in US Dollars and Euro whilst providing the option to accumulate or receive income. Investors who invest in the distribution classes receive a dividend twice annually, whilst those investors opting to invest in the accumulation share class will have their dividend automatically reinvested to form part of their capital.

Furthermore, the name of the CC Euro Equity Fund was changed to the CC Global Opportunities Fund to reflect its global approach. The objective of the fund remains that of investing in a diversified portfolio of global blue-chip equities.

The Offering Memorandum of the SICAV and the respective Offering Supplements and Key Investor Information documents have been updated to reflect these changes.

The above-mentioned funds are sub-funds of CC Funds SICAV plc, which is authorised by the MFSA. Investors may incur a subscription charge, and may be subject to tax on distributions. This is not a capital guaranteed product. Accordingly, the value of your investment can go down as well as up. Investors should note that the payment of dividends has the effect of reducing the nav per share.