20 December 2023

Malta in the top 3 EU fintech ecosystems

Malta has been recognized as one of the most advanced and sophisticated European jurisdictions for fintech, as shown by results from a research study recently issued by McKinsey & Company.

Even though Malta is the smallest member of the EU, it has ranked 3rd (after the United Kingdom and Sweden) in the list of countries that have created a complete and efficient environment for the set-up and development of fintech companies. 

This represents an indubitable recognition of all the ongoing efforts by both the Government and the regulatory entities of the island in supporting the growth of the sector, with the aim of presenting Malta as an ideal fintech hub on the international stage. 

As highlighted by the analysis delivered by McKinsey & Company, the Maltese jurisdiction stands out in three key aspects of Europe’s fintech sector: founding, funding, and scaling. This means that the island facilitates the ability for fintech companies to get started, access capital, and then continue to grow and thrive. 

In Europe’s financial services sector, fintechs are constantly oriented to modernization and innovation, and they are able to make substantial contributions to customer satisfaction. The growing appeal of such companies is that they create value with superior service at lower costs. As a digital financial services platform, Moneybase is one such local example of a thriving fintech company. With a state-of-the-art core banking system, incorporating a complete wealth management system, and its highly transparent and communicative service, Moneybase ultimately benefits its customers.  

Moreover, Moneybase’s added value is to combine and integrate the most efficient technology with the human factor, offering its client base a non-automated, local and ISO-certified customer support service, while enabling users to take advantage of the app’s features as an easily approachable one-stop-solution for all things finance, from payments to investments.